(One set, four men, five women, approximately 75 minutes in length)

Carmilla, an 1872 novella by Joseph Sheridan LeFanu, became a favorite way back in my teen years. My fascination with this work grew and grew. Eventually I found numerous film/t.v. adaptations as well as some written for radio. I heard tell of some stage versions as well, but seeing one proved impossible.

So finally I wrote my own. In trying to recreate the reaction an audience would have had in 1872, I pushed events forward in 1938 immediately after Austria joined the Third Reich. More, I introduced a character for that setting to which the narrator--Laura--can, well, narrate. This opened up all sorts of interesting possibilities, mostly in ways to explore the real moral ambibuity I see as at the heart of the story.

Here is a review of the written play on youtube by Going Rampant. Maven of the Eventide offered a different viewpoint on her channel. Here is a review by LA Weekly of the original production in North Hollywood in 2014.

And here you can purchase rights to performance. To simply purchase a copy of the play click here.

Some photos from various productions:

ZJU Spring 2014

Credit: Richard Johnson

Credit: Richard Johnson

Credit: Richard Johnson
Harlequin Players, Fall 2014
East Michigan Univ. Fall 2017
Actaeon Players, Fall 2015
Columbia College, 2017