Just to be clear, I think of myself foremost as a playwright. I've sought to write novels, short stories, screenplays and the like before. Sometimes essays and blog articles about a variety of subjects helped pay the bills. More, my blog Night Tinted Glasses allows me to continue writing theatre reviews here in Los Angeles (one of the most gigantic and diverse theatre communities in the present world).

Yet I also do write supplements to a certain role playing game called Vampire: The Masquerade, and those works remain both fun as well as profitable.



I've long wanted to try my hand at adapting Bram Stoker's novel. Indeed I know a few folks who've already done it! But honestly, where to go with a piece already adapted so many times? After finding that, I feel ready to begin.

Still in the note-taking stage, but am feeling cautiously optimistic.


The Deep Kind

Now it its fourth draft, this play ended up as a gothic 'love letter' as well as love story, my tribute to a certain kind of drama / gothic tale, usually written by American authors. Taking place in a fictional weird New England town of the kind so beloved by H.P.Lovecraft and Stephen King, the story is set in middle of the Civil War. A strange young woman comes to the seaside town of Widow's Reach to hopefully achieve a deep and wild hope. You see, she is not completely human...


As Yet Untitled Space Opera

No one is more surprised at this idea suddenly demanding to be told. I should mention that while enjoying shows like Star Trek and Babylon 5 so much, my education is enough to know they simply have better hand-waving that Lost in Space, Forbidden Planet, Space Patrol or Flash Gordon. So why not simply use all the fun tropes and ridiculous pseudo-science of the most retro space operas to tell an entertaining story that is also about something?



Based the 1871 classic by J.Sheridan LeFanu (now the basis for a startling number of adapations in the last decade) this marks my retelling of a favorite. The first "vampire lesbian" story, there's a lot more to it than titillation. A very detailed review on youtube can be seen here.

More about the play (including a gallery from productions) are right here.



The Annotated Carmilla

Not a play, but a collection of over 400 footnotes explaining as many details as I could manage regarding this, one of my favorite novellas. Inspired directly by The New Annotated Dracula.


Noah's Cove

I completed this play over two years ago and so far have not yet persuaded anyone to mount it. Personally I remain extremely proud of the piece--a four character drama set in the South (where I grew up), where the family becomes a metaphor for the nation as a whole. A ghost story that may or may not contain an actual ghost.

Below are my game supplements, and to find out more all you have to do is click the cover: