Official website of David MacDowell Blue, playwright, theatre critic, writer, sometimes director. If you want to find out more about my writing (Works), my theatre reviews (Blog) and what has been going on (News) simply click above. I've decided not to include a biography page, but here are a few details in a nutshell. Born in San Francisco, moved to Florida as a chld and graduated from the University of West Florida with a BA in Theatre Arts. Two years at the National Shakespeare Conservatory in NYC followed. Moved to Los Angeles in 1999. I am a widower, a fact that hurts every single day. I identify as Eastern Orthodox. Love to cook, especially Italian food. No, I am not Italian. Most of my background is German, Irish, Scots, and Dutch. But if you've had German, Irish, Scots, and/or Dutch food, you'll understand why I learned Italian cooking.

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My play The Wings of Dracula has now been published at Amazon, and is available via Off The Wall Plays. You can also see its first production at Fierce Backbone Theatre Company.

If I may crow a bit -- my radical edit of Shakespeare's Richard III is now available on Amazon. Was trying very hard to eliminate all the stuff about whether the Tudors have a claim to the throne (who cares at this point?) and more on character, as well as the more topical question of "How do tyrants rise to power?" Every word is Shakespeare, but I borrowed speeches and snippets of scenes from works such as Henry VI Part 3, Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar and even Titus Andronicus. The cover shows the wonderful Libby Letlow who portrayed the title character. To the right of that is my play Carmilla: A Play in One Act. And to the right of that is the book I edited examining the original novella in depth, The Annotated Carmilla.

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Below you may watch a very nice video review of my play Carmilla. The vlogger is an online friend of mine, who does contrast/compare the play with the recent web series. And with it a trailer for my play itself.